Reduce sodium intake (take) in hypertensive patients


Sodium itself affects the hormonal system, causing blood pressure to rise There’s a clear correlation between salt intake and blood pressure. What’s the sodium content of what hypertensive patients can take? It’s either carbohydrates or sodium salt. It’s about 6G teaspoon

It sounds like a mathematical formula, but 85 times the amount of sodium is salt, so it’s a spoonful of salt You all order delivery food, right?

The easy thing to do with these processed foods is that they’re known to have a lot of sodium intake Some people say that their blood pressure doesn’t drop much, even if they don’t take it salty, but the elderly, obese, and people with a family history of hypertension don’t have salt sensitivity, and even if they take less salt, they can reduce blood pressure

Family history, and I can tell you that low-salt diet will require significant effort So you have to train well from the beginning One more important thing, don’t just say don’t take salty

It’s good to take potassium. It affects the blood vessels. It’s good to bring them out with something It’s done

Pottery, tomatoes, spinach, and so onIt’s important to say, “Don’t take it salty,” but I also want to say that it’s important to eat Korean Wave and foods that contain a lot of food 비아그라 정품

If you eat out or eat at work, you can eat a lot of potassium to make up for your work, but the elderly eat it because they’re afraid to boil a steamed dog I told you that even office workers who live alone eat what they ate in the morning because they don’t want to eat it alone. I told you that it’s high in sodium in processed foods, so it’s better to reduce it after looking at the food ingredient list

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