The difference between a Thai massage and a sports massage


Massage refers to a therapy that helps relieve pain and recover from fatigue by giving various physical stimuli such as touching, pulling, and stretching with the body or special equipment such as human hands and feet.

When you get a massage, you can feel that your body is relaxed by relieving muscle cramps and tension and removing fatigue substances. It also stimulates circulation of body fluids such as blood and lymphatic fluid, stimulates metabolism, relieves mental tension, and relieves pain.

Many of the names of massage we know are given according to the name, purpose, and tool name of the country in which they were born.

The massage that originated in Thailand is called Thai massage, and the massage for athletes is called sports massage. If you use aroma oil extracted from herbs, it’s called aroma massage. There are many different ways to classify massage such as birth country, use tool, and massage part.

In general, however, there are three types of massage available at a Korean massage shop or spa: △ Dry massage △ Wet massage △ Thai massage. This is divided for convenience, and it is helpful to know the characteristics of each massage and get the massage you want 비아그라구입

First, I’ll tell you about sports massage.

Sports massage is excellent for rubbing, tapping, and rubbing tight muscles, recovering from fatigue, improving body imbalance, and calming effects.

Sports massage focuses on the back of the upper body, so it’s good to get it when your neck and shoulders are tight!

Next is the Thai massage.

Thai massage is a traditional Thai massage with a combination of stretching and massage, and it is a massage without using oil, mainly for lower body stimulation.

It’s good when you want to relax your entire lower body, your feet, calves, and your pelvis, and your body gets stiff and weak!

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