Massage method to loosen swollen and painful legs


Many people complain of symptoms of a “lower limb” that feels swollen and heavy in the morning and evening. If the symptoms of edema in the legs continue for a long time, the veins in the legs can increase, leading to “lower vein,” a disease that seems to protrude. The varicose and varicose veins appear more often in women than in men 비아그라부작용

Our body’s blood is pumped from the heart, fed throughout the body, and then returned to the heart through a vein. However, students and office workers who spend a considerable amount of time sitting or standing in the same position suffer edema due to poor blood circulation due to the pressure in the lower body.

When the leg has edema symptoms, the leg feels heavy and sometimes feels numb or sick. In serious cases, you may wake up in the middle of the night because your legs feel numb or sick. In the morning, the pants that were lightly worn do not fit well in the evening.

If the above symptoms are serious or persist for a long time, it is recommended to undergo an ultrasound or a computed tomography (CT) test for accurate diagnosis.

Light swelling can be improved to some extent through self-mashing and pressure stockings. The pressure stockings worn at this time should be used for medical purposes, not for beauty purposes, and should be worn according to the doctor’s prescription. Medical compression stockings are designed to apply different pressure to each part from the ankle to the top of the knee, helping the legs circulate well without blood stagnation.

How to do self- massages

Self-leg massage is not difficult. From a slightly bent knee position to the back of the knee, stroke the entire palm of the hand. Pat again from knee to thigh. It is easy to understand if you massage it thinking that the blood at the end of the leg is lifted upwards.

However, if excessive force is applied or skin friction is strongly applied during self- massaging, care should be taken as it can cause muscle strain or skin injury. In dry spring, it is recommended to apply sufficient moisturizer to the skin before massaging it.

Legs play an important role in supporting the body, so you have to take extra care of it and be good at it.

If your legs are broken, you can’t even walk, so you need to take better care of your legs.

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